health and happiness

Sustainability through Biophilia

Homestead Remade aims to improve occupant health by providing lines of sight and visual connection from inside to outside. By doing this a direct connection to the outdoor environment can be made from any living space. Every regularly occupied space in Homestead Remade will have operable windows that provide access to fresh air and daylight. Outward views will focus on the natural surroundings of the site and the unique attributes of the house and the land, constantly reminding the home's occupants of the special nature of this project.

Biophilic design seeks to mimic the forms of nature and provide context in the form of lighting, imagery, and other visual cues that allow the mind to perceive a natural setting. According to Stephen R. Kellert a professor of social ecology who helped pioneer the theory of “biophilia”, humans may have evolved in the natural world but the habitat of contemporary people has largely become the indoor built environment where we now spend 90% of our time. The result has been an increasing disconnect between us and nature. Human physical and mental well-being relies on the quality of our relationships to the natural world. Biophilic design’s aesthetic, sensory-rich fusion with nature, along with its health benefits, make it the missing link in most sustainable design, Kellert says. Homestead Remade hopes to show that development which incorporates both biophilic and low-impact design can achieve true and lasting sustainability.

Healthy Interior Environment

Homestead Remade will promote exceptional indoor air quality and improve occupant health by eliminating any source of indoor pollutants. A Healthy Indoor Environment Plan will be created to show how all interior components and products are “Red list free” and have been carefully vetted to comply with California Department of Product Health standards and the UL Greengaurd Gold rating system. These strategies, combined with active and passive ventilation, will contribute to creating a space full of clean air and void of any harmful pollutants.