Energy Budget2

Power House

Many factors contribute to a home having a net positive energy flow an an annual basis. Homestead Remade has been engineered and designed to produce 11% more energy than it consumes. Smart and efficient design planning included maximizing the home's passive solar energy gains and minimizing the homes mechanical energy outputs. Coupling these strategies with super efficient systems, energy efficient appliances and a highly efficient air tight and insulated building envelope, allowed us to create not only a deeply sustainable house but an equally important comfortable and beautiful living environment.

Net Positive Energy

Per the criteria of Living Building Challenge 3.0, Homestead Remade must provide 105% of the project’s energy needs by on-site renewable energy on a net annual basis. No on-site combustion. Is allowed and projects must  provide on-site energy storage for resiliency. We plan to address this challenge from two directions. First we will minimize the end users energy use by crafting Homestead remade to be a super insulated and highly efficient building. The home will be outfitted with state of the art efficient heating, ventilation and water heating systems. Future owner's will be educated and motivated to learn how they can best reduce their overall energy consumption. Second, we will maximize energy gains in the project. Practical site orientation and project design will provide appropriate south facing windows bringing light and heat into the home in the winter while deep overhangs and deciduous trees shade and provide cooling relief in the summer. By carefully sizing a solar array to produce an energy balance +11% production over the course of the 12-month period, we will harmonize the building and occupant usage with clean renewable energy.